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Sustainability from the ground up

13 June 2023 | By

Producing meat for the masses, Jason Weller, Global Chief Sustainability Officer at JBS, one of the world’s largest food companies, discusses how it manages to scale its output while keeping meat affordable.

The coeliac tax

5 June 2023 | By

Coeliac UK’s Fiona Newsome highlights the financial impact shopping for gluten-free can have on coeliac consumers and urges action from legislators and industry.

Protecting tradition with testing

5 June 2023 | By

Alessandro Cavaglioni, Head of Laboratory at Tuscany-based analytical service provider ISVEA s.r.l., discusses how they utilise a suite of specialised separation techniques to provide producers with fast, reliable test results to meet their unique needs.

Foods Program reform misses the mark

1 June 2023 | By

The infant formula crisis in the US last year prompted calls for reform at the FDA. Brian Ronholm is Director of Food Policy at Consumer Reports and here reflects on the FDA’s response to industry-wide concern.

New Food Issue 2 2023

1 June 2023 | By

Issue 2 2023 of New Food is out now - download your copy today to get more than 60 pages of insight and analysis of the food and beverage industry.