Episode 44: Food to Go…LIVE

Posted: 10 November 2023 | | No comments yet

Josh and Grace bring you the first ever live episode of Food to Go, in which they discuss sustainability in the food and beverage sector across different markets with four esteemed guests.

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Josh and Grace bring you the first ever live episode of Food to Go, recorded in front of an audience at Food Integrity Global 2023. 

The New Food duo talks about sustainability, and the misconceptions and even mistrust that exist between some trading blocs when it comes to one of the most important issues facing our industry. 

You can hear from Jennifer Wilson from the US Sustainability Alliance about the work US trade associations are doing to create a more climate smart food system. Colleen Coyne from Food Export USA gives some insight into the seafood trade and the steps taken by fishermen in her home-state of Maine to protect their fisheries and livelihood. Dr Jessie Morrill from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln explains some interesting studies being conducted on emissions from beef production, and finally Dr Chetan Parmar of FoodChain ID details the global perspective on US sustainability, highlighting the differences in progress between different areas of the globe. 

Listen now to understand the latest developments in sustainable food, and subscribe to Food to Go to get every episode in your pocket as soon as they drop. 

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