Welcome to the umpteenth iteration of my blog.  In the past, I’ve tried to to tie this blog to leadership in some way (LeadersLEAD.org and leadingyourlife.org), and it’s been fun trying to create content that was helpful to people in thinking about personal leadership. But in the end, my primary offering always comes back to Jesus Christ and seeing him at work in my observations of life.

I’m not famous for any reason, nor will I ever be. I’m not willing to or interested in devoting my life to that effort. I’m not an organizational psychologist and I haven’t led any successful business ventures, so I can’t offer expert opinions on leading winning teams. And I’m not a pastor, so I can’t effectively exegete scripture.

I’m just a middle-aged dad.  And, as the title of this page indicates, I’m learning more about my Savior and about life each day. So, for as long as I can, I will sporadically post those observations here.  Thanks for reading.