This isn’t another story about angels in the physical world.  Supernatural interaction between the spiritual and the real worlds is a popular topic these days.  But yes, this post is indeed about angels.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a hospital trauma ward, as my daughter recovers from a head injury resulting from a longboarding accident (think skateboarding, but with longer and wider board).  She was not wearing a helmet.  Needless to say, these have been scary days.  Thankfully, she’s doing as well as we could hope for, and should be discharged in a few days.  But she wouldn’t be here at all without the help of the angels on that Monday afternoon who swooped to her aid literally seconds after her fall.

First, there’s the longtime family friend with whom she’d been longboarding that day. Right before she started that fateful ride, my daughter told him, “If I fall, you have to come save me, OK?”  And he did just that. Calmly and coolly, he called 911, sought help at a nearby maintenance building, and cradled my daughter’s bleeding head in his lap until help arrived.

And then there are those two nurses.  No, not the ones at the hospital (although they’ve all been great, too).  These are the ones who were walking in the county park near the road where my daughter fell.  They saw her fall and jumped a fence to be at her side, all in less than a minute.  They weren’t trauma nurses (that would have been just too cool), but they were obstetrics nurses, health care professionals who knew what type of first aid to give until the paramedics could arrive.  One of them even talked to my wife on the cell phone, explaining what happened and the injuries she saw.  Her description was horrific, especially to a frightened parent, but it helped prepare both my wife and I for the long ordeal ahead.

We’ve thanked our family friend numerous times for saving our daughter’s life and increasing her chance for a full recovery.  But I also want to reach out to those nurses to thank them for their care for my badly injured daughter.  A sensationalist tabloid and or book might claim that those nurses “appeared out of nowhere” and “vanished” immediately after the ambulance and police arrived, never giving their names.  But we know they didn’t.  In fact, the two nurses are coworkers with a good friend of ours, and they have reached out to that friend for updates on Lauren’s recovery.

What I do know is this: it doesn’t matter whether the help was angelic or human.  It’s supernatural either way.  God placed those individuals in that park, on that road, at that very moment.  Living, breathing human beings who could not only provide emotional support but professional medical assistance as well.  So really, whether they were angelic beings is inconsequential. The result was the same — my daughter’s alive, her injuries were minimized, and she’s recovering.  And my wife and I are just as thankful to God for who he sent as we would be if he had sent angels directly from heaven.

God’s Word never promised supernatural interventions.  But he does promise help. “God is our refuge and strength, a help always near in times of trouble.”  Psalm 46:1.  On August 17, 2015, at 2:30 p.m., in a county park in suburban Kansas City, God’s help was near to a 19-year-old girl who had taken a bad fall off of a longboard.  His help had names, families, jobs.  A pulse.  A warm comforting touch to a girl who had just incurred the worst physical injury of her life.

In a way, it’s better that they weren’t actual angels.  You see, we’re having a party when Lauren comes home.  A big party.  And these three angels – our family friend and two nurses who were once strangers to us – will be guests of honor.  In addition to thanking God for our daughter’s recovery, we’re also thankful to Him that we won’t have to wait until we get to heaven to thank them all in person.

5 thoughts on “Angels With Beating Hearts

  1. That’s such a touching account. I KNOW there are angels that have helped me survive countless times. I will never question the providence of God! So grateful Lauren will be ok!!!


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