A street artist in Boulder. Tree leaves. Long blades of pampas grass. A few colorful flower petals. A large rock. Water. Put them all together and what do you get?

This. The creativity blew me away.

Dust from the earth. God’s breath in his nostrils. When God put just those two ingredients together in Genesis 2, what did he make?

He made Man.

Yes, the music playin’, temple buildin’, giant killin’, masterpiece writin’, space travelin’, puzzle solvin’, plant-art-on-a-flat-wet-rock makin’ man.

What God did? Now that’s creativity.

And he’s just getting started.


RIP John Glenn. Quoting Vince Gill, from his song performed at my aunt’s funeral just a few weeks ago:

Go rest high on that mountain, for son, your work on Earth is done. Go to heaven a-shoutin’ love for the Father and the Son.

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