If you don’t do you, you doesn’t get done, and the world is incomplete.

C. McNair Wilson

It was a hot, sunny day at the Kansas City River Market. Beautiful, bright colors lined the market, exotic scents from fresh flowers, spices and grilled meats filled the air, and wall-to-wall people crowded the market’s three canopied walkways.

And then there was this gentleman. Standing only in the full sun, singing his heart out, and playing almost every one of the instruments on his back and in his hands to near perfection. I think the washboard was the only one I didn’t hear, but I was probably not listening carefully enough.

I’ve seen many people try this, but he was perhaps the best “multi-instrumentalist” I’ve ever seen or heard. He played and sang with heart, verve, and vigor – and judging from his tip bucket, the other folks at the River Market took notice, too.

Maybe you’ve heard of C. McNair Wilson. He’s an author and an expert on human creativity and the creative process. (Check him out at TeaWithMcNair.com.) During an entertaining podcast on The Art and Business of Public Speaking with his friend Ken Davis last year, McNair discussed how man’s creativity – everything from designing the contraption on this gentleman’s back to painting masterpieces – was the mark of our Creator.  McNair noted that even in remote areas of the world, young children sing, dance, draw in the dirt, and role-play, all without the benefit of being taught first how to do so by their elders.

And God, the creator of the universe, the stars, the Sun, the Earth, plants and animals, said this about his creation of man:

Then God said, Let us make mankind in our image.  Genesis 1:26

So today, let’s celebrate creativity. In fact, you may notice that I’ve got a thing for creative people. (Take a look at this post.)

Don’t hesitate today to do you. God made you just that way.



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