How I wanted to be the person immune to getting older.

I didn’t want the passage of time to matter to me.

But it does.

Stay active and engaged with life, keep your weight down, and age won’t really matter, right?

My wife warns me about “acting like an old person” before I really am old. But the feelings are real.

Children leave. Parents fail. And the world moves on without you.

My oldest son turns 28 today. Almost 30. My Dad’s battle with Parkinson’s disease is ramping up. And my youngest daughter is getting married in 11 days.

And I’m just so tired.

I need Jesus now more than ever. So my prayer? To have His perspective to see that I still have contributions to make, and that I’m not irrelevant. For His guidance and strength to build into younger generations while I still can. And for His wisdom to know best how to reach them. Not by diluting His message to be acceptable in today’s culture, but to really reach their hearts.

So that I won’t be just another middle-aged man, talking to myself.

3 thoughts on “Talking to Myself

  1. You and all of your family are very relevant to so many of us. You’ve raised your children to put Christ first and that is huge for eternity. Praying for your heart to be encouraged even though your going through some challenges. All of your children love the Lord and what you’ve accomplished as a Dad is remarkable for eternity. You are a tremendous shining light for the Lord and my prayer for you is that you keep looking to Lord and lean on Him. We are all blessed beyond measure having you and your family as our extended family in Christ! Praying His Hope, Peace and encouraging surround your heart dear brother. 🙏🌅💕😊


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