One of the greatest blessings of a long morning commute in the car is the opportunity to listen the the preaching of the late Dr. Adrian Rogers on his ministry’s broadcast, Love Worth Finding. While every morning’s sermon is uplifting, yesterday’s stopped me in my tracks.

In this particular sermon, Dr. Rogers quoted a list of the attributes of Jesus Christ written by Christian writer Robert Clark. This list is just too good not to quote in full here:

In His life there was:

Meekness without weakness;

Tenderness without feebleness;

Firmness without coarseness;

Love without sentimentality;

Holiness without sanctimoniousness;

Lowliness without lowness;

Truth without error;

Enthusiasm without fanaticism;

Passion without prejudice;

Heavenly-mindedness without forgetfulness;

Carefreeness without carelessness;

Service without servility;

Self-exaltation without egotism;

Judgment without harshness;

Seriousness without somberness; and

Mercy without softness.

Each phrase Dr. Rogers delivered was like a sledgehammer to my heart. When he was finished, I had to agree that this was the best list of Christ’s attributes that I had ever heard. Is it exhaustive? By all means, no – Jesus is as infinite in his attributes as his Father. In fact, I can think of a few more even now. But this list certainly hits many of the most important ones.

You know what else? Except for the self-exaltation part (Jesus and God are entitled to that, but I am not), I want my own life to have these attributes. Today, I am so far from achieving them that I know there’s practically no chance that I’ll ever attain them all.

But I want to try. And you can, too.

Offer your heart to Jesus today, invite Him in, and start your journey to spiritual adulthood. It won’t happen overnight, but with prayer, and surrender of your life to His plan, perhaps someday when you’ve finally grown up someone will say to you:

You remind me of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, with each step I take in my journey to you, mold me into the likeness of your Son, Jesus Christ, so that the attributes of my life are a witness of Him. 

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