My guest blogger kicking off the new year is my youngest daughter, Lauren Drapal. She’s our brain injury survivor. She’s also a successful hairdresser in Kansas City – check out her Instagram @hairlikeaqueen. But first and foremost, she loves Jesus. And she’s a pretty good writer, too. She doesn’t have a blog, but posted this on Facebook. Here we go!


Wake up and choose Jesus every morning.
Choose words of love and kindness even when your first instinct might be opposite.
Choose actions of grace and compassion even if the person on the receiving side doesn’t deserve it.
Fill your mind/heart with thoughts and desires of the Holy Spirits guidance!
Actively fight your human nature to be nasty with scripture and prayer.
Remind yourself that we are here to grow Gods Kingdom and go out and SHARE the gospel recklessly!
Choose to look at every fellow human as if you were looking at them through Jesus’s eyes. Each one deserving of His love and gift of eternal life, even if they’ve wronged you in the worst ways.
Understand that everything we have, we have because He has entrusted us with it. And without Him, we have nothing.
Put your value in things that are eternal. Like your soul and the souls of others. Because all of our fancy “things” won’t be faced with the eternity of heaven or hell. But, our friends and family will.
Go to bed choosing Jesus and tell Him about your day, every day. Let Him hold you in His all consuming, loving, merciful, gentle, strong, warm, forgiving arms.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. So glad I didn’t have to! Thanks Lauren!

One thought on “Choices, 2022

  1. Thank you for being a voice for your daughter in a world that needs to hear more voices. I would be honored to help you get your story down Lauren, so you can share your message with the world. Hope springs eternal and the merciful grace we are given to continue to give back through compassion and prayerful guidance. Thank you Mike, for your effort to bring awareness to traumatic brain injury by honoring your daughter’s journey. Come on over and check out my site, where I also bring awareness to polytrauma and brain injury.


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