Those of us living in metro Kansas City have our weekend all planned out for us. Saturday will be spent getting ready for the Super Bowl watch party on Sunday night. Much of Sunday will be occupied that way, too.

But this year, there’s a slightly different, more personal twist to the big game. It’s not just the Super Bowl, after all.

No, it’s also the Kelce Bowl.

My son, who may just be the biggest Travis Kelce fan around, won’t let us forget that it’s brother-against-brother this year. On our side, there’s the intrepid tight end who catches a lot of MVP Pat Mahomes’ touchdown passes. On the other is Travis’ older brother, Jason Kelce, who is the starting center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

This prompted NFL Awards host Kelly Clarkson on the awards show last night to joke that this year’s game is brought to us by Donna Kelce, Travis’ and Jason’s mom, and her ovaries. Cringey, yes, but kinda true.

All that to set up the picture above. Hats off to the KC-area Hy-Vee stores, whose bakeries have decorated chocolate-chip cookie cakes with various pictures and sayings commemorating the game.

Given my son’s fanatacism regarding a certain KC tight end, any guess as to which one will be gracing our watch party Sunday evening?

Hint: We love our Chiefs, but our cookie cake won’t have an arrowhead on it. Go Travis!

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